DAY ONE – Bridgetown


Bridgetown is a cute quintessential small country town aprox 3 hours south of Perth in Western Australia. Population, aprox 5,000. Currently it is the middle of summer so I can expect some days of high 30’s (expected today). However, this morning on our first early morning walk at 6 am, it was quite chilly. I had to drape a sarong over my shoulders until I got used to it.  Oh and believe it or not, there are roses in bloom here!

I must admit, I was reticent about spending time in a country town (will I get bored easily?) but I’m starting to see many benefits engaging with a smaller community. People are friendly. They have the time to stop and chat. My girlfriend has ladies over for sewing days. She says she has never been busier since moving here. So, over the next week, I’ll be going to an outdoor evening cinema with the locals, off to a “aussie breakky” tomorrow morning after another 6.5 km walk to celebrate Australia day and this afternoon, we are going for a bike ride to swim at a dam out in the bush. And that’s just for starters….

Im also being prepared with early morning exercise so that when we go out onto the Bibbulmun Track on Sunday to begin a 3 day walk it won’t be quite such a shock! (Thank goodness I’ve been going to the gym over the past year – I knew I joined for a reason)… Carrying a back pack, hmm, could be a little more challenging…. Stay tuned… for more info …



4 thoughts on “DAY ONE – Bridgetown

  1. Good old Bridger. Lots of good memories. The chemist used to be my parents second hand shop. The cafe that is opp Freemasons Hotel used to be our antique shop. I used to work at both The Scotts and The Freo. you’ve reminded me of a dam I used to swim at out towards Hester. It’s changed a lot now but it was such a great place to grow up. Lots of little nooks and crannies to get lost in. Enjoy it’s beauty. And enjoy your trek!

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