Pondering on memories

When I was growing up in Albany,  I joined the ‘girl guides’. Mum thought it’d be fun and I was always open to that!

The guides provided some fantastic opportunities to meet people, learn new things and best of all, go camping in the wilderness. I loved this sense of adventure and hence took to girl guides like a proverbial duck takes to water. Bring it on baby!

When I was 12, I was asked to pretend to be an artist when the QUEEN came to visit Camp Quarranup! I kid you not. She stood behind me and muttered something about my fabulous painting that someone else did… (it may have been my mother who gave me a huge head start) I was just dabbing the brush on during this ‘re-enactment’….

I also stood at the airport, in full guide uniform, neatly pressed and not a hair out of place to meet Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon!  I got to see Snowden’s bluest of blue eyes that made me swoon ever so slightly and knew in that instant what Margaret saw in him.

But best of all were the camping trips. Out in the wilderness of Albany and it’s surrounds.
So many fond memories of camping out and being inundated with rain overnight, having to squeeze into someone else’s tent  in the middle of the night because mine was underwater!

The roasting of marsh-mellows as we girls sat in a circle  around the roaring flames and shared stories…. This connecting with one another in such a raw primal manner has never left me and I’ve dreamed of experiencing this again, in my middles years.

And so, Albany, you beautiful thing, you provided a landscape for me to grow apon, to spread my wings and feel your raw wind as a girl growing up… and of course, I look forward to feeling you again….


2 thoughts on “Pondering on memories

  1. Oh that brings it all back Loni! We had brownies out the back of the Penny Post (which is an art place now?) in Stirling Terrace. You will have an amazing trip down memory lane. XX

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