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Loni joy

As the January days tick by, the trip west is getting closer and I am beginning to get a little excited. I will say goodbye to my life here for a few weeks and hello again to old friends, a brother I haven’t seen in years who has lost his sight and those white sand laden beaches that squeak beneath your toes.

Albany air is crisp and I’ll be woken by bird song, not aeroplanes flying overhead from 5am.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my dearest childhood friend J whom in the past, has so patiently collected me from Perth airport when my life was less calm and I sought the refuge of a kind soul.

Thank goodness my life has changed. And it needed to. Change is one of those things that most of us don’t like. It leads us *somewhere* different. It has always led me into a space of deeper understanding. For that I am grateful.

So, returning home will be cathartic. It is my spiritual sabbatical for 2017. A conscious decision to return to the place where I was raised so I can feel into it again.

I have a book to write!

One comment on “Western bound

  1. trudi ellen says:

    Can’t wait to read it sis! Will miss you tho! T xxxx

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