Books I’m reading

  1. Lissa Rankin – Love this lady, had been reading her blog for a while and picked up her book “Mind over Medicine” read a few pages and decided it was a definite buy! Lissa is a doctor who cured her health problems once she delved deeper into herself. She’s inspirational and down to earth.  She relates how our health is directly affected by how we love, who we live with, how much shame & fear we have inside us and how we can change our lives to enhance our health. Anyway, see what you think. Here’s the link:
  2. This book was recommended to me by a friend recently so I ordered it. ‘The Universe Always Has your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein. There are a lot of references from the Course of Miracles, and I like the way she simplifies some of those teachings with her real life examples. Here’s a u tube clip of Gabrielle She encourages us to let go of our pre-concieved plans and ideas and surrender to the Universal Mind in total acceptance.
  3. Daily meditations of Women who Love too Much by Robin Norwood. I read this book in an afternoon shaking my head frequently, seeing where I have so often ‘done’ too much. It’s the classic co dependance that many of us women suffer from. Doing for another when they could well do for themselves. This book clearly and succinctly and gently tells us how it is. Get on with our own self healing and stop trying to ‘help’ or ‘control’ another.

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